Interior Acrylic Paint

Product Specification

SUZUKA Interior Acrylic Paints adopt high-end resin and pigments. These have high performance in wash resitance economy, environment, as well as good decorative effects.

Product Application

Applicable on various architectural interior and exterior, such as decorative gutter and modal with unique design.

  • Multy-storied/High-Rise Residential

  • Villa

  • Commerce/Office/Finance Building

  • Tourism Building

  • Science, Education, Culture and Hygiene

  • Transport Facilities

  • Industrial Construction

Accessory Products

Surface PreparationSUZUKA S-2 Skim Coat25kg/PackScraper
Under coatSUZUKA EM Primer18kg/TinRoller/Spraying pump
Text coatSUZUKA Interior Acrylic Paint25kg/TinRoller/Spraying pump