Exterior Emulsion Series

Product Specification

SUZUKA Exterior Acrylic Paint is a superior weather-shield coating that adopts premium acrylic emulsion, high-quality inorganic materials, and exceptionally weather-resistant pigments.


● Excellent capability of weather resistance created by bridge-binding technology incorporated in pure acrylic resin.
● Exceptional stain and dust resistance created by intensive surface.
● Great function of air breathing; superior water, fungus, and algae-resistance;
● Outstanding frozen resistance.
● Splendid and infinite color availability that satisfied the unlimited needs of your design.
● Creating environmental by premium coating that is environmental friendly, and economical.

Product Application

Applicable on various architectural interior and exterior, such as decorative gutter and modal with unique design.

  • Multy-storied/High-Rise Residential

  • Transport Facilities

  • Industrial Construction

Accessory Products


Surface PreparationSUZUKA S-2 Skim Coat25kg/PackScraper
Under coatSUZUKA Alkali Resistant Exterior Sealer23kg/TinRoller/Spraying pump
Text coatSUZUKA Exterior Acrylic Paint24kg/TinRoller/Spraying pump