Fluorpolymer Coating

Product Specification

SUZUKA Fluorpolymer Coating is a two-component coating with high performance, consisting of fluropolymer, special additives and highly durable cross-linked.


● Excellent UV resistance, durability and chemical erode resistance.
● Outstanding stain resistance and self cleaning
● Performance with long lifetime can be attained, if coated.
● Clear or pigmented coating will meet various requirement.

Product Application

Applicable on various architectural interior and exterior, such as decorative gutter and modal with unique design.

  • Transport Facilities

  • Industrial Construction

Accessory Products

Surface Preparation SUZUKA S-2 Skim Coat25kg/PackScraper
Under coatAcrylic Sealer25kg/TinRoller
Text coatColoring top coat25kg/TinSpraying pump
Finish coatFlourcarbon Transparent Top coat16kg/TinSpraying pump