Metallic Coating

Product Specification

SUZUKA Metallic Coating is a paint creating metallic appearance consisting of unique metal power and high-end polyamates. It has textures in JUMBO, HORO, and plain metal effect. It has finishing gloss in silver, super silver, and pearl appearance, creating both classic and pro-modern high-tech effect.


● Creating metallic surface as smooth as mirror, shine and shimmering as authentic as real metal.
● Superb durability, adhesion, and stain-resistance.
● Graceful and high-end metallic gloss giving high-tech fashion to buildings in prominent value.
● High-tech process of color coordination, creating anti-ultraviolet function and great color-durability, suitable for wall shirt and column.

Product Application

Applicable on various architectural interior and exterior, such as decorative gutter and modal with unique design.

  • Commerce/Office/Finance Building

  • Science, Education, Culture and Hygiene

  • Transport Facilities

  • Industrial Construction

Accessory Products


Surface PreparationSUZUKA S-2 Skim Coate25kg/PackScraper
Under coat(I)EM Sealer18kg/TinRoller
Under coat(II)Primer for Metallic Coating18kg/TinSpraying pump
Text coatMetallic Coating16.5kg/TinSpraying pump