Texture Impressionism Stone

Product Specification

SUZUKA Texture Impressionism Stone (TIS) takes advantage of the technology and combines the high-end water based resin inorganic with high quality nano material and mill silica sand. It is a new excellent imitation of flamed granite.


● High-tech multi-colored coating:
Better modeling due to multi level of colors and patterns than other exterior coatings and tiles, dainty designs present natural stone effect and high-value of buildings.
● Environmental protection:
Texture Impressionism Stone owns superior stain-resistance durability, and easy spraying on various surface (free from pollution and dust.)

Product Application

Applicable on various architectural interior and exterior, such as decorative gutter and modal with unique design.

  • Multy-storied/High-Rise Residential

  • Villa

  • Commerce/Office/Finance Building

  • Tourism Building

  • Science, Education, Culture and Hygiene

  • Transport Facilities

Accessory Products

Surface Preparation SUZUKA S-6 Skim Coat25kg/PackScraper
Under coatTexture Impressionism Stone Coat Alkali Resistant Exterior Sealer 23kg/TinRoller
Text coatTexture Impressionism Stone Coat 21kg/TinSpraying pump
Finish coatTop Coat for Texture Impressionism Stone Coat18kg/TinSpraying pump