Single Colored Stony Coating

Product Specification

SUZUKA Multi Colored Stony Coating consists of natural granite chips and high-technology water-based resin. Creating sturdy and weather-resistant coating effect for architectural surfaces that mimics natural granite appearance.


● Stony effect with penetrating and infusing colours. Creating surface mimicking natural stone appearance, prominent and engorgement, suave and even.
● Applicable on complex and various architectural modals and surfaces.
● Application by multiple coating with anti-ultraviolet function, sturdy and colour-endurable.
● Excellent weather-resistance, alkaline-resistance, superb intensity and durability.

Product Application

Applicable on various interior and exterior architectural, such as decorative modal with unique design.

  • Multy-storied/High-Rise Residential

  • Villa

  • Commerce/Office/Finance Building

  • Tourism Building

  • Science, Education, Culture and Hygiene


Accessory Products

Surface PreparationSUZUKA S-3 Skim Coat25kg/PackScraper
Under coatPrimer for Stony Coat23kg/TinRoller
Text coatSingle Colored Stony Coating27kg/TinSpraying pump
Finish coatEnvironmental organic silicon paint18kg/TinSpraying pump