Founded in 1945, Suzuka now is a professional brand in façade decoration industry under SIKA. Combining façade products’ R&D, manufacturing, with sales and services, Suzuka provides a total solution for façade decoration. Our core products cover from Stony Coatings, Multi Colored Impressionism Stone, Stucco to Carving Mortar. Boasts a 70-year experience, Suzuka now has become the leading brand in Stony Coatings industry.

whole area of China

Headquarter in Shanghai

12 sales offices nation-wide

2color matching centers &5technical support centers

Provided with a full professional service A product explanation and technical support.

2R&D centers
First-class R&D ability, advanced products & solutions

  • SUZUKA Shanghai R&D Center

  • SIKA BFM China R&D Center

2 Automation modernization factories

  • SUZUKA Production And R&D Base

  • Shijiazhuang Factory


Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry. Sika has subsidiaries in 100+ countries around the world and manufactures in over 200 factories.

Company History

Company History

2019.5 SIKA successfully acquired and SUZUKA became a member of Sika

2015 The Shanghai new manufacturing plants starts operating in April 2015.

SUZUKA China & PAREXGROUP China have been located in Shanghai Shibei Hi-Tech Park in 2014

SUZUKA Shanghai was incorporated as a member of PAREXGROUP in July 2012.

Manufacturing plant of SUZUKA Shanghai was established in Qingpu, Shanghai.

Manufacturing plant of SUZUKA Malaysia was established in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Manufacturing plant of SUZUKA Taiwan was established in Nantou, Taiwan.

SUZUKA was founded in 1945 storing 70 years of experience on stone imitations and facade decoration.


Suzuka honor

ISO9001 Certificate

China environmental labeling product certificate

2011Shanghai Building Material Industry Famous and High Quality Product

2012 Green creative awards-Most popular products

2012 Shanghai Building Material Industry Famous and High Quality Product

2012 Green creative awards-Most popular products

2013 Shanghai Building Material Industry Famous and High Quality Product

Expo material participation award

2014Shanghai Building Material Industry Famous and High Quality Product

2014 Water-in-water multicolor paint

2014 Green creative awards -The best creative products

2014 Green creative awards

2014 Green creative awards -Most popular products


Building materials association membership

Dangerous chemicals standard certificate



Due to our leading product, efficient manufacturing and service, Suzuka built partnership with top real-estate developers and distributors such as China Resources, Greentown, Greenland, etc. Our products have been widely used all over China with proven quality by 80,000,000 m² applied. Suzuka has become the first choice of stony coating brand for top 100 real-estate partners.

SUZUKA Shanghai Exhibition Center

SUZUKA Shanghai Exhibition Center

SUZUKA Shanghai exhibition center was located in PAREX China headquarter, this exhibition center gathers the creative ideas of France Pavilion at Expo design group, and meet ingenious layout with SUZUKA's professional service and abundant product effects.

SUZUKA Welcome Hall

Flying Stone:In comparison with real stone, our coating systems offers many advantages such as a perfect stone imitation with a lighter system, an easier and faster application but also the preservation of natural resources. The “Flying Stone”is a perfect imitation of a real stone in term of texture, color and appearance but twelve times lighter than real stone which ensures a limitless application for reaching an outstanding effect.

SUZUKA introduction Lounge

Conversation Table: A special stone like mosaic conversation table was made from SUZUKA Stony Coatingn

Granite City

Granite City:Granite City is a chic counter display blending real stones and our PCK coating.